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Focus on the field of intellectual property services, providing customers with professional, integrated intellectual property solutions
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Shenzhen Huibang Intellectual Property Agency
As an intellectual property legal service organization based in China and serving customers from different industries around the world, Shenzhen Huibang Intellectual Property Agency (“Huibang”) has been adhering to standardization management and process operation since its establishment in 2006. The growth of business volume, focusing on writing high-quality application documents, continuously providing high-quality services, allowing customers to feel comfortable and comfortable when accepting Huibang services, maintaining a consistently stable and dedicated spirit, helping many Chinese and foreign customers to succeed. At the same time, it has also grown and grown.
Every recognition of society and customers encourages us to go further and further on the road of pursuing professionalism.
Close contact and business cooperation with intermediaries in dozens of countries around the world, providing quality services to domestic and foreign clients seeking intellectual property protection on a global scale.
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Regular filing, Shenzhen local benchmarking agency
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